Shadow Boxing With The Lights Off

by Leeroy Jelks

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Debut mixtape from Alternative boom-bap artist Leeroy Jelks


released July 30, 2017

Songs produced by:
@August Henrickson
Mixed by:
Crosstracks studios
Leeroy Jelks
Cover art by:



all rights reserved


Leeroy Jelks Los Angeles, California

19 year old alternative boom-bap artist from Buffalo, New York currently residing in Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Intro(Prod.Makotoh)
Shadow boxing with the lights off the to shake the rust off
Only got a couple seconds left to change these niggas mind
Pressed for time
Press rewind
As I sit back and recline
Every call get declined
Less the sender divine
Divide and conquer the montra
The hash slinging monsta
Cut em like pasta
Then poof like presto
Now they calling me Amazo
Captain Marvel couldn't clap me
If you want me
To write you some raps G
Just ask me
That'll be a Big L
But i aint tattle tell
My flow stands out
Like blood stains on a white Tee
Worn by a gentleman
With dark knees
Flashy like Edelman in a pats Jersey
If you see me on the road nigga swerve
Don't throw shots unless you got Drew accuracy
Grew up thinking woe is me
Now they saying whoa, its me
Just started making money
now its gimmie the loot,
Only with my mask on
Do she wanna play with my flute
Whoop her ass in Naruto
Then I give her the boot
Wait for you uber outside
Don't care if its pouring
Im on the couch snoring
Never will I play the fool
Taught to never play with food
That's why I never throw subs
don't believe in unity
Surviving off of infamy
My enemies
Waiting on the end of me
Like a life insurance policy
She told me she was proud
Of me
At the time of writing this that has prolly changed
Overworked and under paid
Only find solace in minute maid
Yo album sound minute made
And miniscule
Whole team behind me
Nigel uno with dread locks
Tread light
Have the whole squad make you sleep with a night light
Use the vid as a highlight
Then send it your baby mommas momma out of spite....
Just jokes
Non confrontational lone wolf
Skipped prom
To watch Optimus fight MegAtron
Making money off of sound waves
Monetize my cloud plays
Stolen beats crime pays
Performing for an empty room
So it's back to the drawing board
Back to the living room
Back to the pen and pad
What is competition?
Dope lines on my back in my back pack
Back packer grew up in the hood
Never rocked a ski mask
Hide my pain behind dope instrumentals
Your talents a rental
I only work hard for incentives
I got flaws the cover up instinctive
Cut the lights off
My hands a legal weapon
In the dark where I'm creepin
Track Name: Boxing(Prod.Makotoh)
Verse 1
Shadow boxing with the lights off to shake the rust off
Wanna see me blow my top off
They say I'm rock soft
Golden rule of silence now they say I'm lock jaw
Never for the fist fighting
Grew up getting ass whoppins
Heard niggas get they souls tokin
Token black kid in all my all my group
I want an all black coupé
For my all me crew
Army of one so they always at crew neck
All yo hits? Yeah they coming from a cherry pick
Would you look at that?
Used to laughed at
Now I get laughed at
But I'm never around for it
Good karma I pay it forward
Let my pain destroy the leaf like nagato
Go toe to toe and toe tag anybody in front of me
Every pen click sounding like a death blow from my psyche
I made a psychic psyche himself out
Yo visions impaired if you tryna compare
Me to those who came before the sidekick
Whoa! Looking at me sideways watch they eyes twitch whoa
The sound is evolving
As the earth is revolving
Never had a problem that I couldn't solve
Say it ain't so
They saying I ain't got soul
Solidify my self as one of the best coming out of Blo
Low and behold
I resemble the scarecrow
Going where the wind blows
Body out the window

Verse 2
Shadow boxing with the lights off to shake the rust off
Now they say I'm Westbrook
House made out of brick
Big bad wolf huffing up a storm
Storming out my presence
I present to you what's stored inside my conscience
Pros and con's of living above yo means
Fake it til you make it
My gold chain was plated
My watch was in ballad
They say Im celebrated
tell em my sound is dated
But look what you created
You generated their hatred
Then flipped it and made a profit
It was prophesied
Size em up then doubled back around to male their heads spin
That was the 3rd person to reach me
They were the first to believe
Back against the wall since I was conceived
Simply couldn't see a boy born in the seven seas
Making music birthed in the 70s
Now she show me her double D's
So easily
Household name hold me close to your heart please...
Track Name: Tired Ft.Solo(Prod.OKVSHO)
Verse 1:
past tense niggas got me past tense
You'll never excel if you stuck gazing out the windows
I'm from the wilderness
So I bewilder every microphone weilder
Flow so intense it got me under the stars like we were living in tents
Pray for those with ill intents
Guns behind the window tints
Heard were living in hell
Its no wonder I exhale
Enough fumes to melt the wolverine
I can drown a school of tuna in a submarine
Not for the party scene
So I'm hardly seen
From a birds eye view
I'm anti social cut the convo with the head honcho
I need cash pronto is it too much trouble
I'm Steve Rodgers if he had a venom addiction
Or the sentry with depression
On one hand I juggle two dimensions
While cracking the divinci code
Known on the internet and touching minds code lyoko
Cold and loco tell me what's the point in staying local?

Verse 2
My father told me not to lie to o him but lie to women
But I was taught never lie to or about who you lying with
King of the concrete jungle I'll never stumble
I watched Rome and Babylon crumble
Traversed the city of thieves in a stolen expedition
I done forgot my mission
I do not fear decomposition
I'm just worrisome bout livin
I asked her if you could, would you wanna never see the dirt
I'm afraid of being hurt
see my grave I'm jumping feet first
So ahead of my time, father time ain't touch my granny hair
I lay awake at night dreaming I can, touch the sun
Using stars as my shuriken
Asking if I'm sure again
Skywalking in the after life
I can't tell what's after life
Steady chasing after Christ
Mirror image yet I hate my reflection
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?
Fair ain't always equal
Separate fountains still giving youth

Verse 3
I know my momma want me to find a beautiful black bride with a faith in God that I'll love faithfully
Luckily she don't know these girls blowing up my phone with they titties
Asking for the show, can you get me in for free?
I fear God but more so the reunion
Haven't finished eating yet im scraping up every morsel
I sound mad when I rap so they saying asking fo more soul
Rocky road ahead thanking God for the hard drive
Dinner at Popeye's
My swagger pops eyes
I'm known to pop fly's
I feel no need to empathize
That I been that guy
I been this good
Not good enough
Went from getting scraps
To first bite on the gazelle
I'f you couldn't tell
I want the cover
My head extra large on xxl
I ain't sharing with no nigga
My face alone can sell
My soul is,not for sale
Who you know who can set sail without a sail
One of a kind
Please be kind to me
Track Name: Kratos Ft.RA POWER and !K.Rob!(Prod.Thovo)
Verse 1
Keep ya head on straight
My favorite rappers whip corvettes
Carry hammers like korean vets
We looking up to them
Grew ya hair out
Sport a gold piece
Buy a tape on release
To appease them
A little cheese please
Yellow teeth
gold grill?
I'm working on my signature
Blind folded painted pictures
I think I'm covered in gold
I really found some in Trinidad
My conscience super bad
Dumb thick mayonnaise
Sold ya soul for a bag a lays
She told me do the same
Lay down and get with it
Quick witted and Ill fitted
Long legs made a rubber
Duck when you see them eyes
See demise in black ink
All red on my white mink
I stand at 5'9
Jays make me 6 four
Rock the same kicks
Til my toe get the creepin
All black socks for the cover up
Track Name: Seconds(Prod.Makotoh)
Verse 1
Time is money I spend it like imma make it back
Travel mountains I told you that I won't make it back
Kept my wits about me
And said I was all about you
You told me nothing that I ever did would wanna make you leave for good
She benefited from the doubt
Don't even listen to my dentist
When she tell me all this sugar gonna have me wearing dentures
There's a, dent in my heart
I told you from the start
You told me it'd be different
I spent my little change even when I was between jobs
Picking quarters off the ground
Leave a dollar for waiter
Stealing out the tip jar wait...that's for another time
We talked about the cosmos
Asked if you could would wanna live forever
Never really listened so I can't recall your answer
I had my flaws I list em all
My favorite past time
Watching rick and Morty just to pass the time
Why wont the clock move...

Verse 2:
Time is money I save it like imma take it with me
Traveled tundras I told you that imma make it back
We lying for protection
Ignoring my predictions
Nightmares of disaster guess it all came to fruition
What a sticky situation
I'm not superstitious
But it's not outrageous if I think
We woulda had a better time if after every incident we knocked a tree down
Two Aries in a padded room let's see which one still has its horns
Meeting adjourned
Let's put a pin and move on
But everything still finds a way to come back for another time
Where did the seconds go..
Jealousys a bitch trait
Showing signs of a downfall
3 seasons later now im on the trading block
I'm missing highschool
Feels like my clock is running out of space
I said I'm scared of losing
She told me that shes proud of me
If you knew the real me you'd head for the hills
I swear that father times a deadbeat
Track Name: Midas touch(Prod.Thovo)
Verse 1:
Started with a dream and a dolla
Til I bought an Arizona
Then we moved to California
Did I mention I'm from buffalo?
Where niggas gun ho
Trigger finger flexed more than the ring finger
You feel that heat in the summer
Gas guzzled by the hummer
For the summary
Were bred in misery
Seen more blood from my family
Friends turned to skeletons
Left irrelevant
Demons yelling God sent
Satan working overtime
Rushing for the almighty 100
Now I'm out of time
Wine and dine she sublime
Money over loyalty
Glitter on the eyes
Yelling easy on the eye shadow
Ski saddle
Skid marks
Plane crash
Train of thought derailed
Bandana cowboy's waving pistols
Near the window
Sack full of money
Slow down quick sand
Got a plan
Get a van
Selling dreams
Make it count
Then we add it all up

Verse 2:
Count it with 2 hands
We watching with both lens
No fouls over here
(Switch it up gimmie danger)
I want a fast car
Something that go zoom zoom
Make the flash stand still
Silver on the steering wheel
Make em stare
Spectre spectating over shoulder
Judging. Am I free to go?
Taught from a young age
You flashy then you living right
Designer over everything
$1000 bucket hat
But fuck it imma stunt
My pockets doing bmx
Whats next?
A liar on the internet
I'm at the function every week
Making a honey knees weak
Im On my 10th streak
Hard behind a mean mug
Showing my tenacity
Loss of pride that's a casualty
Fake smile casually
Laughing to the bank cause they mocked me
Doubt me watch me sun dip
Stop me watch yo son dip
All cause we put our faith in a piece a paper

Verse 3:
Don't Let them fill ya head up with non sense
If it makes no sense
Then pay it no mind
Don't lose yo brain in a room full of zombies
walking a hunnid miles for a single dead president
He don't represent them
Used to beg the lunch room for lunch money
My demeanor stoic and funny
My pockets been empty
9-5 or a 5-9
Saving every penny
Rocking fools gold just to fool them
Chain paper plated
Kicks outdated
Flow sounding like a wood chipper
But I'm kipper
Gold falling off my tongue with every word
With the lights off
Imma make a million dollars

Young young young nigga
Diamonds ain't forever Eva
Everything that glitter ain't gold
That's what they telling us
Don't let them get the best of ya
get it how you live it
And spend it how you love it
Young nigga that's the recipe
Track Name: Mellow(Prod.D'Unknown)
At age 12 I wanted to conversate with fallen entities
dad wouldn't let it be
Or was it age 11
It was a while ago
So let my bad memory be forgiven
It was a hot day
We tusslin
Sounds like every other Saturday
Except my parents weren't fussin
The house is quiet
Me and my dad we get the beefin
It escalates
I run up stairs
Next thing you know I'm talking bout ascendin
Cops arrive
Tell em I had some plans
We take a trip to the pysch ward
For freaking out that was my reward
Tell em I didn't mean it
She looked at me with uncertainty
"What you don't believe me"
I was just actin out
That years back
Told my friend I wanted to die
He told me get some help
I'm thinking whatchu I'm doing?
"It'll get better" ya stupid
I ain't new to this
Declare ya unstable then interrogate you at tiny tables
Brushed it off
Years later the tables turned
My sister momma beefin
She pullin knives ma mama screamin
Arm around her neck OK I'm chokin
Remove the weapon
Watch ya hand
Throw her out
She find a way in
Right to the kitchen
Head lock and then I flip her
Chest hurt and now she yellin
Tie a cord around her neck
She proclaiming she wanna die
I untie
Then drop again
What a shitty older brother
But kill you if you touch her
I'm a hypocrite
Pushed to the edge by insults
I contributed
Cops came she not arrested
Dad calling
Not interested
I answer reluctantly
Talk about it casually
Then break down when he criticizing my methods
"You not here, your input is unnecessary"
3000 miles away tryna give me some bullet points
They ain't sticking
Slam the phone down
Tears fallin
So I'm asking
How can I help these folks
If I can't even stay a float
I got issues that I don't want read
My mamas hand was red
I let it happen wasn't quick enough

Tell the cops put they rifles down
But what if they shot on sight?
Would the blood be on my hands?
Nah I would deny..deny..and then deny again..